Kristian Cloud(he/she/they) is an independent eclectic all-around artist and renaissance being based around Rochester, NY. They are artistically inclined in poetry, storytelling, voice-acting, singing, composing, producing, painting, performing, and rapping. One might describe their creations as diverse, soulful, and free of boundaries. Cloud's latest release is a compilation album entitled 'The Electric Blues Collection'.

It can be found on all streaming services.

Krish landed their first voice acting gig as Ausar in Kids2Kings, a @blacksandsentertainment production(instagram). A poetry book chapter out by the 13 zodiac signs is set to launch in 2020 with the right publisher, and a sci-fi fantasy series, aptly named the 'EarthHeart' series, is set to launch in the first half of 2021. This series will detail extraterrestrial beings coming to Earth to assist humans in their spiritual (r)evolution. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Kristian's creative prowess.

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