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True sidereal astrology is the system of astrology which bases it’s placements off of where the actual celestial bodies are in the sky, as compared to tropical astrology, (the system used predominantly by America), which bases it’s theoretical positions off of the seasons rather than the actual location of the planets. True sidereal astrology can be witnessed by going outside, looking up at the visible night sky, and seeing what signs the planets are in. Tropical astrology adjusts the signs so that every Spring Equinox begins at 0° Aries. At around 600 B.C., the signs were aligned with the vernal or spring equinox (0° Aries on March 21st). However, now, because of the Earth’s tilt, (which is in turn due to our moons gravitational attraction), the signs in the visible sky are in fact 24° behind where they originally were. This change is called precession.


Nakshatras are a collection of 28, and sometimes 27, lunar mansions in Vedic astrology (which uses the sidereal system) that are connected mainly to the moon and her emotional expressions. The moon is considered in Vedic astrology to be the lord of all nakshatras, while the sun is considered to be the lord of all rasis(sun signs). The moon also takes approximately 28 days to move through all the 12 signs of the zodiac. The nakshatras are divided throughout the same zodiacal wheel as are the sun signs, but they take up a little less space since there are more of them. Each nakshatra takes up approximately 13.2 degrees. The moon is connected to emotions, intuition, and reflection, and the nakshatra of the moon is the most important nakshatra in a person’s chart, although the others can be studied as well. For my readings, I will be only looking at the moon, since we are going in depth. Nakshatras are very useful in uncovering cosmic archetypes, seeing how karma plays out, and the understanding of events in a person’s life. A deity, a planet, and a symbol rule each nakshatra, and these connections will interweave and assist the reader in understanding their own story better.


Chandra, Charubel, Janduz, and Sabian symbols are each a set of 360 symbols for each astrological degree. They are descriptions of scenes, which detail the overall mood of said degree. Symbols in astrology can be used to gain a more specific picture of what one’s own mythology is, and what resonates at a core level. Sabian symbols were channeled by two people; Elsie Wheeler and Marc Edmund Jones.  They met in 1923 and soon after that channeled the Sabian symbols together. Elsie described to Marc what she saw, and Marc wrote them on index cards, later figuring out how they all were interrelated. Originally, Marc had expressed desire for translating the Charubel symbols, since he thought they should resonate at a more general application. An ex-Christian man named John Thomas originally brought the Charubel symbols to light. The Chandra symbols were discovered by Ellias Lonsdale. I will also include his ‘Omega’, ‘Pleiadian’, and ‘Azoth’ symbols in order to make as many connections as is possible. And the Janduz or Sepharial symbols were originally received by Antonio Borelli, and made note of in his La Volasfera.  


Tropical Astrology is the system of astrology used in the west. It is based on the seasons, not the actual positions of the stars in the sky in relation to the planets. I will explain that more below, under sidereal astrology. Aspects are the relationships that the celestial bodies have to one another. Different aspects have different associations, for example a trine aspect is harmonious, while a square aspect is tense, like a square (you know like ‘you’re a square bro’). There are other aspects I will get into as well, especially the conjunctions, and oppositions. I have separate readings for prominent planetary aspects and prominent star, comets, minor planets, and asteroids aspects. Aspects can be seen as two energies(planets, comets, asteroids, stars) in two lenses(signs in which they reside) in two areas of life(houses) in relation to one another. To me, the aspects are crucial to understanding the psyche because they stay either the same or very similar, no matter whether one uses sidereal astrology or tropical astrology. We will also touch on major aspects, like grand trines, kites, and grand crosses. For the asteroids and minor planets reading, I will send you a list of several names and ask you to pick the seven that call to you the strongest. 


Human Design is an energy system which combines the chakra system, the I Ching/64 hexagrams, and the western or tropical zodiac. For my readings, I will be giving you details on every planet and node (Earth included) and their two correlations to the I Ching. One relationship will be the personality and the other will be the design. Personality is the outer face we show, and is calculated at birth. This is who we consciously think ourselves to be. Design, on the other hand, is who we subconsciously, and superconsciously, know ourselves to be. It is calculated at 88th° of the sun, or approximately 89 days before our birth. It is our bio-genetic inheritance. 


Gematria is a system of assigning numerical values to numbers. For this reading, I will need your full name, the name that you MOST identify as. If you have changed your name, you changed it for a reason, and that reason must be respected. The birth name has significance, but the lasting significance is from the name that you put the most significance on. I will research the yin energy of your name by using only the vowels, the yang energy by using only the consonants, and the energy in totality by using the whole name. 


For the 9 card reading, I will send you a picture of my decks and have you choose one deck. Then, I will draw 3 sets of 3 cards. The first will be the mother/feminine cards –wound(past), catalyst(present), and healing(future). The next set will be the father/masculine, and the last set will be the divine child/integrated soul. I will go into detail about these cards meanings and give you advice on your journey pertaining to the archetypes drawn.

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